Szuper Jachtok

Sail Technology to Ensure Your Super Yacht Super Performs.

Recent years have seen bigger and bigger yachts push technology to the limits to create super yachts that sail as responsively and rapidly as their smaller race-bred cousins. Sail making has taken giant leaps in order to create sails that power this new generation of super racer-cruisers in a way that satisfies owners looking for peak performance. Quantum’s Fusion M® membrane sails provide a more stable foil profile, resulting in better light wind performance and acceleration, with improved shape retention as the wind increases.

Fusion M® sails are made using the most technically advanced design, lamination and shaping methods in the industry. Known as iQ Technology®, our integrated and proprietary process results in sail shapes that are fast, efficient and infinitely repeatable, a feat no other sail maker can match. Learn more about iQ® Technology here.

Obviously the larger the sail, the heavier it gets, so a primary consideration for super yachts is the sailcloth. A Fusion M® sail is approximately 15-20 percent lighter than an equivalent conventional panel sail, with greatly improved stretch resistance and shape retention. Headboards and fittings have undergone some serious rethinking as well, with new available shapes and materials offering improved strength, lightness and durability. To see images of sample construction details, click here.

Quantum Special Projects Group for Super Yachts
We are committed to designing and producing world-class sails. The specialized needs of large yachts requires greater collaboration between sail maker, boat designer, rig manufacturer, boat builder, project manager and owner. Because most everything is custom, a high level of engineering is required. To support the needs of super yachts, Quantum has created an in-house group drawing upon resources from around the world to focus on developing these types of sails and systems. The specialized skills, technical know-how and extensive experience of our engineers, designers and sail makers are applied to every phase of the project, ensuring the highest levels of service and support from construction through installation. With facilities in Palma, Spain; Newport, Rhode Island; St. Maarten; Auckland, New Zealand; and Capetown, South Africa—anywhere super yachts sail—the Special Projects team stands ready to put its collective experience to work to care for the needs of the super yacht sailor.